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If you manage a warehouse, you know all about the time, hassle and money it takes to maintain the lighting, with access requiring hoists or cherry pickers and hi-bay lights needing replacement after 5,000 hours (which, at 12 hours a day, adds up to just over a year). On the other hand, at 30,000 hours, LED bulbs have a life expectancy six times longer. And, since LED bulbs cost of less than 50% to run than conventional lighting, the energy savings alone can pay for the cost of the lighting upgrade many times over.

LED Panel


Lighting quality can have an impact on the atmosphere of your office, and on the productivity of staff. Low lighting levels can be harmful to vision and cause drowsiness. In contrast, with improved lighting office workers feel happier, more alert and more focused, which can lead to greater output and fewer mistakes.

Street Lighting & Surface Car Parking

Around the world, businesses and communities are retrofitting street lights with LED lighting. As well as bringing improved quality of lighting, reducing glare and minimising overspill, LED drastically reduces running and maintenance costs. Our customers are reporting reductions of over 50% in energy costs and reductions in maintenance costs of over €30 per light per annum.


Simply improving the lighting in your shop can bring in more business. It can attract more customers and encourage them to spend more time and money. Good quality accent lighting with high levels of colour accuracy can improve sales of high margin items. It has also been found that improved lighting conditions makes staff more alert and cheerful, helping to create an improved customer experience.

Emergency Lighting

Under Irish legislation, all public and commercial buildings must have emergency lighting, and it must be properly maintained. We can design your emergency lighting systems to meet the legal requirements. Our engineers will also service your system quarterly and make all necessary repairs. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your lighting will work efficiently and safely in the event of an emergency, and that you’re on the right side of the law.

Shopping Centres

In a shopping centre, lights are on before the first customer enters, and still on after the last one leaves. A lot of lighting is required in these vast spaces, and its maintenance can cost a fortune. When you switch to LED lights from Rayal Energy, we’ll cover the maintenance cost for the first year, and the lights are guaranteed for five years. Typically, for shopping centres, the return on investment is about 70%.

Car Park Lights

Using an underground car park can feel dangerous. Some people just don’t like them. However, with LED lighting, Rayal Energy can brighten up even the darkest car park using sensor light fittings, which can also mean a massive saving for the car park operator.