22w LED Tube Light (150cm)


Product Features:

 CRI>80, high luminous efficiency (over 100 lm/w) with high quality 2835 SMD LED.

 High power factor>0.93, with driver conversion efficiency >0.95.
 Unique design with 1/3 aluminium and 2/3 PC cover (Frosted), with wide beam angle >160°. 

 Correlated Colour Temperature:  4000K ;

 Safe single end connection. AC100-240V input voltage.
 Three years guarantee, TUV/Mark -EMC-LVD, CE, RoHS.

Minimum order of 25 per box required (Price includes VAT)

Light Specs


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Safety Information:

  1. The complete installation must be handled by a Safe Electric Registered Electrical Contractor.
  2. Avoid contact with live electrical circuits.
  3. Use only tools and equipment with non-conducting handles when working on light fittings.
  4. Don’t handle light fittings where hands or feet are wet or when standing on a wet floor.
  5. Please use RAYAL fittings with recommended Working Voltages only
  6. Read this Manual carefully before installing any fittings.