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Cost of Waiting

Recently RAYAL priced a 60-bedroom hotel for a full LED retrofit of over 900 lamps.

The job offered significant savings in a very short period (75% ROI). Now it is generally the view that, once the savings case is made, then ‘the Genie is out of the Bottle’ and carrying out this lighting work is now inevitable, at some stage! Only when?


RAYAL’s quote was shaped and moulded specifically to the Hotel building in question and to their needs. However, time is the biggest enemy of any business, and procrastination costs!

The critical point about time is this: Once a business can satisfy themselves on RAYAL’s ability to deliver, RAYAL can commence almost immediately, so the savings begin to flow before the next bill can get in the door.

Should the company delay their decision, as the Hotel did, by giving it a low priority, or by going to the market for multiple quotes, (which can take months) they will lose the early benefits of the savings on offer.


For example, in the case of the Hotel, with estimated annual savings at €44k, a 3-month delay, based on the savings calculation, cost them about €11k and would require the Hotel Management to obtain a price of €23k against RAYAL’s price of €30k, which would require a discount of 25% from the original RAYAL price just to stand still. The Hotel did eventually go ahead, and were very pleased with the result, but 12 months later, losing out on €44,000!


RAYAL are here to answer all your questions, we assure you of the quality of our materials which are all Triple-E registered with SEAI, we assure you of the expertise and professionalism of our installers and the length of our guarantee, only you can make the decision, but, be aware, delay costs

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